Stewart Management and Partners is a full-service management group providing services to professional baseball players. We are very selective during the client acquisition process so that we can provide each client with unmatched personal attention, guidance and services based on his individual needs and any given point in his career.


Whether it’s negotiations for signing bonuses, new contracts or extensions, or representation in arbitration, SMP always makes sure our players get the best advice possible. We bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, experience and proven success when it comes to handling contract negotiations. Getting the best deal is what it’s all about, and SMP negotiates the best deals. We represent each client with accurate and timely communications to all parties involved, and establish a win-win scenario from the get-go so that we can work through any challenges successfully. 


SMP provides full-service marketing strategies to each client, including but not limited to public relations, endorsement projects, merchandising and more. Our staff of marketing professionals develops strong game plans with effective negotiations and long-term vision in mind. Strategy is key, and SMP holds it.


Negotiating with companies and providing opportunities for our players, be they Major League superstars or up-and-coming minor league prospects, is another area in which SMP specializes with creativity and innovation. We look at what might be the best fit for each individual and aren’t afraid to think out of the box.

Among the companies that we have helped negotiate endorsement deals for our clients: Topps, Nike, Easton, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( COMPLETE THIS LIST/a sampling of some of the endorsements here)

We help handle the A-to-Z’s of endorsements, including but not limited to items such as terms of contract, base versus incentives, indemnity, athlete approval, personal appearances and termination.


Whether you’re in the majors or the minors, we will help with the expected – and sometimes unexpected – off-field details of baseball life: relocation, transportation, endorsement deals that can provide you with.

While minor leaguers’ salaries are generally non-negotiable (unless they are big league veterans), we stay involved with support, career advice and friendship, whenever you need us.

SMP can assist, where desired, in any and all aspects of your life that entails financial decisions from paying monthly bills to buying a home.

Add what we offer in the way of making one’s life easier, Event planning, etc.?


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Obviously, no player wants to think about “life after baseball” but we know that retirement security is something every client needs. At SMP, we take steps to develop individual plans to assist with fulfillment for each one of our players and clients, and that does not stop with your last pitch or swing of the bat.

SMP understands the importance of having your assets work for you. As with planning for retirement, SMP develops strategies best suited for each client’s investments and financial growth, both during your playing days and after they’re through.


Throughout his career, Dave Stewart’s name has been synonymous around baseball circles as much for his work off the field as for his pitching, both in his home state of California and beyond.

One of the true gentlemen of the game, he may be the only player agent who has a team’s annual community service award bearing his name. The Oakland Athletics give the Dave Stewart Community Service Award annually to one of their players in recognition of charitable contributions through Northern California.

Among the organizations with which he’s been associated are Coaching Corps, Boys & Girls Club, ADD OTHERS, though his main focus has always been working with youth-based/focused groups.

It’s no surprise that All-Star left-hander pitcher CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees, a notable philanthropist himself, has singled out Stewart not just as an inspiration on the mound but in his life, overall, dating back to his childhood in the northern California city of Vallejo.

In an entry on his website saluting the pioneers of “Black Baseball,” Sabathia wrote “(Stewart) was one of my favorite pitchers. When I was a kid, he came to our local Boys and Girls Club and spoke to us. It was something that not only inspired me but inspired everyone. My friends and I still recollect on it today. He was one of the reasons why we started the PitCCh In Foundation  – just seeing how one person could affect so many was an eye-opener.”

And this commitment to community service, to giving back to causes that are important to the individual, is one he stresses to his players as well.

Working on a quote or two here from Dave about the kind of work the clients do and why he feels it’s important for them to do so.

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