SMP Provides representation and management services to professional baseball players and personnel. Dedicated to helping athletes achieve the peak of their ability and success on and off the field, SMP clients receive unparalleled personal attention, guidance and services.

I am personally committed to an involved relationship with our players at every level of the game in every aspect of their lives. I created this company with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of players and their families.

…at SMP, it’s personal:

Our goal is not to sign a multitude of players or to build a ‘bigger’ business, it is to use my experiences on the field from the minor leagues to the World Series, from pitching coach to front office executive, as tools to help individual players make informed decisions that truly affect the rest of their lives.

A career in professional baseball is not an easy one, and it’s one in which countless choices and decisions need to be made by the player over the years.

Perhaps the most important one, for a player and his family, is the choice of an agent.

At Stewart Management and Partners (formerly Sports Management Partners), we realize just how pivotal this decision is, and what it affects — from the launching of your career, to the quality of your life on and off the field over the course of your career, to your life after your time on the field is over.

Because of that, it’s imperative to choose an agent who doesn’t just care about you as a player, but cares about you – and your family – as people first.

At SMP, we are dedicated to our clients: dedicated to helping you achieve the peak of your abilities and dedicated to bringing you our wealth of experience, knowledge and resources to maximize your potential on and off the field.

Our know-how and ability to help you navigate your career is second to none.

President/founder Dave Stewart’s resume includes experience as superstar Major League pitcher, big league coach, and high-ranking Major League front office positions such as Assistant General Manager, Director of Player Personnel and Special Assistant to the GM. No other agent can boast that experiential trifecta, which gives our select clientele a unique insight and advantage.

Here at SMP, every aspect of our clients’ lives matters to us. It’s not our goal to sign a multitude of players to build a bigger business. We are committed to an involved relationship with all of our players, at every level of your career and every aspect of your life, professional and personal.

Because of this, we are selective about the quantity and quality – as players and as people – of clients with whom we work.

At SMP, it is personal.

Dave Stewart, President,
Former Pitcher MLB Pitcher
3x World Series Champion, 1989 World Series MVP
4x 20-game winner in four consecutive seasons


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